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Hello Mushing Community,   I would like to start this out by squashing any rumors that we are disbanding. That is simply not true. The club has been struggling with participation for the last few years – mostly with people tentatively committing, but not being able to follow through. With that, the board has been stretched thin and with the unprecedented weather this season, we have had to make the hard decision to postpone races. We do not make those decisions lightly. I have had discussions with many mushers, past board members, and my current board members. We have not completely shut down the possibility of holding a race this season, but we will need people to seriously step up and commit to some trail time. I am certainly willing to be out there too, but I and my board cannot do this alone. We have been working pretty hard behind the scenes and so far, I have not been able to get enough folks to hold a commitment so that the onus is not on just a few people.    It is time for our entire mushing community to step up. We have had the same people putting in too much time. In the end, none of us are paid and as a non-profit, none of us will be. We need to work together as a community to keep this going strong. I have heard a lot of negative comments through the grapevine, but very few have been brought to the club directly. Please know we are always available to receive feedback, good or bad. Please be open with us. I would love this club and community to be as strong as I know it can be!   Barbra Carey TRDMA President