A few things we like to do

Funjor races to kick off the season

We love to celebrate fall and the oncoming winter with our annual funjor races! You can get details about this year’s race on the Funjor Dryland Races Page!

Rabies clinics for the local community

Dr. Jeanne Olson helps us every year to organize a rabies clinic in the spring and the fall to serve the local community with rabies vaccinations for dogs, cats, and even ferrets! Go to the Rabies Clinics page for more!

Mid-distance races!

Of course we love our mid-distance and even some shorter fun runs during mushing season! We hold the Solstice races around the winter solstice. Mushers can choose to run the 50 or 100 mile race. We also have the Two Rivers 100 and the Two Rivers 200 races, which have been adjusted yearly between January and March depending on snow conditions and other races. The Two Rivers 200 race counts as a qualifying race toward racing the Iditarod and Yukon Quest. In recent years, we’ve added a short fun run called the Bun Run that runs from one coffee shop to another, supporting our local Two Rivers/Pleasant Valley cafes.